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Pak-Russia Nuclear Dialogue – April, 2012

Pakistan Observer 4 Apr 2012  Pak wants access to nuclear technology Islamabad—”Pakistan wants global access to nuclear and military technology and a standardize criteria based approach for access to nuclear energy and a regional arms control agreement, said Dr.Maria Sultan,

Nuclear Non Proliferation: Emerging Trends – November, 2011

1st December 2011 NATO attack necessitates change in Pak policy: Maria Staff Reporter Islamabad—The recent attack on Pakistani check post on Saturday last, that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers, by NATO Forces entails that Pakistanshould review its policy towards United Statesotherwise

Three-Week SASSI Workshop -National Security- July, 2011

A Three-Week SASSI Workshop “National Security” July 08, 2011 By Sajida Mansoor Pakistanneeds to bring a paradigm shift in its policies to counter the emerging trends in regional and global security settings that pose a serious challenge to its national

Pak-Russia Nuclear Co-operation – October, 2011

Tuesday, October 04, 2011 Possibilities exist for Pak-Russia nuclear cooperation Pakistan and Russia should establish bilateral mechanism for the discussion and consultation on the prospects of cooperation in nuclear field, education and exchanging information on nuclear safety issues. There exist

Nuclear Entrepreneurship – October, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011 Islamabad Nuclear entrepreneurs play a key role in determining the political sustainability of nuclear weapons programmes. Behind every successful nuclear weapons programme stands a nuclear entrepreneur who manages to build a small coalition dedicated to ensuring

Japan’s Nuclear Accident: Lessons for Pakistan – July, 2011

 SASSI In-house Talk: Japan’s Nuclear Accident: Lessons for Pakistan July 29, 2011 Earthquake and tsunami probability at Karachi (KANUUP) is much lower than FukushimaJapansaid South Asian Strategic Stability Institute- (SASSI) Expert on Wednesday July 20, 2011. He said KANUPP is

High-Tech Industry Development In Pakistan – December, 2010

English Media 1.     THE DAILY TIMES December 9, 2010 “Workshop calls for developing country’s high-tech industry” ISLAMABAD: The three-day workshop entitled ‘Future for High-Tech Industry Development in Pakistan’ organized by the South Asian Strategic Stability Institute in collaboration with the

FMT: Possibility & Prospects – March, 2011

Media Coverage   The news Will the 3-day conference throw up answers for critical FMT issues? March 21, 2011 Islamabad In the light of current global trends in nuclear non proliferation and arms control, South Asian strategic stability institute (SASSI)

Cold Start Doctrine – July, 2010

LIST OF PRINT AND ELECTRONIC MEDIA COVERAGE South Asian Strategic Stability Institute (SASSI) successfully organized a Three-Day International Workshop on “Indian Military’s Cold Start Doctrine and its Implications for Strategic Stability in South Asia” from 20th-22nd July, 2010 at Serena

Afghan Conference – November, 2010

Media Coverage South Asian Strategic Stability Institute organized a workshop on “Pak-Russia Collaboration and the Afghan Crisis”. The workshop was arranged to highlight the current situation that has engulfed Afghanistanand also to analyze the futuristic possible developments that can take