Asra Hassan


  • Communication Satellites and Remote Sensing Satellite Systems
  • Pakistan Naval Options: Strategizing a New Geo- Strategic Response
  • Tactical nuclear weapons and its implications in South Asia
  • BMD systems and its implications

Asra Hassan is working as a Research Fellow at the South Asian Strategic Stability Institute (SASSI) Islamabad. She holds an M.Sc degree in Strategic and Nuclear Studies from the National Defense University. She is an expert on Nuclear Deterrence inSouth Asiaand related issues. Her current work investigates “Pakistan Naval Options: Strategizing a New Geo-Strategic Response” and “Development of Space Programs: Communication Satellites, their utility in military operations and the implications of having a modern Space Program”, as well as assessing threats faced by these military and civil-oriented satellites in times of peace and conflicts.

She has contributed in various print and electronic media publications.

Joined SASSI: July, 2011


Mateah Aqeel


  • Terrorism
  • Iran’s Nuclear Programme
  • Pakistan USA relations

Mateah Aqeel is a research fellow at the South Asian Strategic Stability Institute (SASSI) Islamabad. She is Graduate from International Islamic University Islamabad holding Master’s Degree in Politics & International Relations. She is an expert on terrorism, its dynamics & various related issues. She is also looking at contemporary issues in the South Asian region.

She has written various articles on the global commons, the stance of Pakistan in CTBT, differences between Cold War model and the South Asian model, Islamic militancy, Pakistan’s bio-engagement programme, Pakistan-US relations, U.S perceptions of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenals, the War on terror and the just use of military force.

Joined SASSI:  September, 2011



Mobeen Tariq 

Research Fellow


  • Arms Control and Disarmament Issues
  • International Law and WMD proliferations
  • Nuclear Command control and Communications

Mobeen Tariq is a research Fellow at South Asian Strategic Stability Institute. Islamabad. He has done his Master Degree in Strategic and Nuclear Studies from National Defense University. His area of Research at the Institute is “Emerging trends and Challenges to Strategic command and Control of Pakistan”. He is also working on the Missile and space program Development in South Asia and their impact on the strategic command and control. He has also participated at Different Conference, In-houses, Round table Talks and seminars on Strategic and Security issues.


  • Nuclear Signaling in South Asia” Published in ISPR Hilal Magazine (July edition)
  • Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy” Pakistan Today 10th Aug 2011
  • Pak Nukes are secure Pakistan Observer   19th May 2011
  • Analysis Nuclear Signaling Eurasia Review News & Analysis 2nd  May 2011 

Joined SASSI:  April, 2011



Tahir Nazir 


  • Nuclear safety and security
  • Non-Proliferation and Disarmament
  • Global War on Terror

Tahir Nazir is a Research Fellow at SASSI’s Islamabad office. He is Graduate from Quaid-i-Azam University holding master degree in Defense and Strategic Studies. He is expert on nuclear safety and security and current trends in non-proliferation. He has written his Seminar paper on “Indo-U.S Nuclear Deal and its Implication for Pakistan”. He has presented a Paper on ‘Negative security assurances: an unfulfilled agenda’ in a three Day International conference organized by SASSI at Serena on FMT Debate: Possibility and Prospects. 20-22nd March 2011.He has also participated in a two week PNRA Workshop in collaboration with SASSI on “Nuclear Security”. (January-10-2011)


  • The Future Of Pakistan – US Relations – Op-Ed, 13 Jul 2011 in Opinion, published by Eurasia review.
  • Negative Security Assurances: A Forgotten Promise – Analysis, 03 May 2011 in Analysis by published by Eurasia review.

Joined SASSI:  June, 2010 


Ghulam Muhammad



  • Chemical and Biological Weapons
  • Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

Ghulam Muhammad is a Research Fellow at the South Asian Strategic Stability Institute (SASSI). Islamabad. He is a chemical engineer and has obtained his degree from the National Fertilizer Corporation Institute of Engineering and Fertilizer Research (NFC IEFR) His area of expertise at the Institute is Chemical and Biological Weapons. He has also participated in various conferences and in-houses on strategic and security related issues.

Joined SASSI: January, 2012 

Ali Qaswar Khaleeq is Research Fellow at South Asian Strategic Stability Institute University. He has done Masters Degree in International Relations from National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad, he developed a research based analytic approach towards contemporary issues. His area of interest is Terrorism and Counter-terrorism Strategy. Qaswar is amongst the co-authors of the book

Afghanistan 2014: The Decision Point. He has contributed a chapter ‘Combating Terrorism: The Battle Fought by Pakistan’ in this book. Qaswar has previously been working on ‘Global War On Terror and Its Implications on Pakistan’s Security’ and ‘Role of International Organizations in Post 9/11 era’. He has participated in various National Conferences, In-house Meetings, Round table Talks and seminars on issues relevant to his area of research.


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