Academic, Policy and Government Links Related to Climate Change

Climate Change Links

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

New Scientist — Climate Change

WWF Climate Witness Programme

The Frontlines Forum – On the Frontlines of Climate Change   CLIMATE-L.ORG

Vulnerability, Resilience and Adaptation

IPCC 2007: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability

IPCC 2001: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability   Understanding Vulnerability to Understand Disasters  (Kelman 2007)

Applying Improved Vulnerability Theory for Reducing the Risk and Cost of Weather Disasters  (Kelman et al. 2008)

Illustrating the coupled human–environment system for vulnerability analysis: Three case studies  (Turner et al. 2003)


Arctic Climate Impact Science – An Update Since ACIA

ACIA Scientific Report, Overview

NOAA Arctic Change


Many Strong Voices

Small Island Developing States

SIDS Network

United Nations Division for Sustainable Development- SIDS

Tiempo Climate Cyberlibrary

WWF South Pacific Program Climate Witness Programme

Many Strong Voices

Sea Level Rise Foundation

Global Links

Asian-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC)

Caribbean Planning for Adaptation to Climate Change , Global Environment Facility Project

Case Study Sylt  Effects of climate changes on the Island of Sylt, Germany

Cayman Institute

Center for Global Change

Center for Global Change Science , USA

Center for Internatonal Climate and Environmental Research  Cicero, Oslo  Norway

Centre for Climate Change Impact Forecasting  C-CLIF, UK

Climate and Global Dynamics Division , USA

Climate Ark, the Premier Climate change & renewable energy , USA

Climate Change Adaptation Programme , Australia

Climate Change and Global Warming , Scientic Facts

Climate Change and Preventive Risk and Coastal Protection Management on the German North Sea Coast  KRIM, Germany

Climate Change and the World’s Coral Reefs

Climate Change and Water  USA

Climate Change at IISDnet

Climate Change at World Resource Institute , USA

Climate Change EEA , Europe

Climate Change  Greenpeace

Climate Change Information Center , Philippines

Climate Change Information Kit  UNFCC, Germany

Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Program , Canada

Climate Change in Europe

Climate Change impacts in New Zealand

Climate Change Impacts on the South West

Climate Change Programme , WWF

Climate Change South Pacific Regional Environment Programme  SPREP, Samoa

Climate change UNEP net , Switzerland

Climate Change , Canada

Climate Change , Canada

Climate Change, the Green Lane , Canada

Climate Impacts and Adaptation , The Canada Country Study

Climate Options for the Long Term COOL

Climate Prediction Center , CPC, USA

Climate Related links , UK

Climate Research Unit  University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK

David Suzuki Foundation: Climate Change

Earth Policy Institute

EPA Global Warming , USA

European Environment Agency , Climate Change links, Europe

Goddard Institute of Space Studies

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory  GDFL, US

Global Change and Ecosystems , CORDIS FP6

Global Change Data Information System  GCDIS, US

Global Change Electronic edition , USA

Global Change Master Directory , USA

Global Change Research Information Office  GCRIO, USA

Global change SysTem for Analysis , Research and Training, USA

Global Change Ecology Group

Global Climate Change Overview

Global Climate Change Research

Global Climate Change Student Guide , UK

Global Climate Change , National Climatic Data Center

Global Climate Change, Pew Center

Global Climate Change , US Department of State

Global Warming: Early Warning Signs

Global Warming – Climate

Go for  Kyoto

Greenhouse Gas

IISD Linkages  on Climate and Atmosphere

Impacts Centre in Southeast Asia , IC-SEA, Indonesia

Inter American Institute for global Change Research

International Global Change Institute  IGCI, New Zealand

IPCC Data Distribution Centre , UK – Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change

IPCC Website , Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Switzerland

IPCC Working Group II , Inter Governmental Panel on Climate Change

Island Resources Foundation , Caribbean

Joint Global Change Research Institute

Joint Global Ocean Flux Study  JGOFS, USA

KNMI  - Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute, Netherlands

Kyoto Report

National Research Programme on Global Air Pollution and Climate Change  (NRP), Netherlands

Netherlands Climate Change Studies Assistance Programme

Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research  PIK, Germany

Responding to Climate Change , US

Small Island Developing States Network  Climate change & Islands SIDSnet

Southern British Colombia Climate Change Impacts Resource , Canada

Tiempo Climate , UK

Tiempo  March 2000 latest issue, UK

Tyndall Center for Climate Change Research , UK

UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre , UK

UNFCC Secretariat , United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Germany

UNFCCC , methods, tools and models to evaluate the impacts of and adaptation to climate change, Germany

United Nations Environment Programme  Switzerland

US Country Studies Program , US CSP

US Global Change Research Program , USGCRP

US National Climatic data Center  , USA

Wave climate , Netherlands

Weathervane – an Internet forum dedicated to climate change

World Meteorological Organization  WMO, Switzerland

Journal and Newsletters

Climate change , journal

Climate Policy , Online journal

Tiempo  - Global warming and the Third World, UK


Adaptation and Impacts Research Group , Canada

Global Climate Change and Coral Reefs : Implications for People and Reefs, IUCN, UK

Pacific Institute Publications

WWF Climate Change publications