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Indian Military’s Cold Start Doctrine: Capabilities, Limitations and Possible Response from Pakistan Research Paper 32 Masood Ur Rehman Khattak Download   Fissile Material Treaty Prospects and Challenges – Pakistan’s Perspective Research Paper No.49 Adil Sultan Download   CD Agenda in


China’s Export Control System and the Role of MOFCOM SASSI Research Report No. 23 Ghazala Nayyar Download   US Counter Proliferation Strategies Post 9/11:Implications for Pakistan SASSI Research Report No. 27 Sana Danish Download   Strategic Export Controls:Case Study of


Arms Control: Risk Reduction Measures Between India and Pakistan Research Paper No. 1 Zafar Nawaz Jaspal Download   Building Trust and Reducing Risks: Nuclear Confidence Building in South Asia Research Paper No. 2 Suba Chandran Download   A Break from

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“Applications of Nuclear Science and Technology in Pakistan” July 12th-13th 2012 Download   Three Day International Inaugural Conference 2011 Fissile Material Treaty: Possibility and Prospects  20th – 22nd March 2011 Download   Indian Military Cold Start Doctrine an Its Implications For